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eBay Valet sells your stuff for you, for a (steep) price


eBay has offered Sell for Me, a service does most of the heavy lifting for you, for sometime. But, it hasn't been widely used. The company seems to think its lack of success might be a combination of poor branding and inconvenience (Sell for Me is only accessible from the desktop site). So today it got a new name and a mobile app, eBay Valet, that lets iPhone users sell their stuff without lifting a finger. (Ok, not literally, since you'll have to lift a finger to operate the app... but you get the idea.) Basically you snap a few photos of whatever it is you want to sell. A representative will give you an estimate of its worth, and if you're still interested, the company will send you a box with a pre-paid shipping label. The eBay will take some pro-quality snaps of your goods, create a listing, send you a notification when it goes live and ship it to the winner when everything is over. Or return the item to you if it fails to sell. For its trouble eBay will take a 30 percent cut of the sale price, however. It's not ideal if you're actually looking to make money, but it sounds like a godsend for the lazy among us just looking to ditch some clutter.

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