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Watch out: fake EA social accounts are swiping World Cup fans' logins


Internet scams certainly aren't new, but they're kicking into high gear now that the World Cup has many people eager for some futbol. For example, Malwarebytes has spotted a fake EA Sports account on Instagram (fake accounts have been on Twitter for a while) that lures FIFA 14 gamers with promises of free team members. If you're tempted enough to click through, you wind up at a plausible-looking phishing site that asks for your EA Origin and Xbox Live credentials -- do that and you'll quickly lose control of both logins. There's no guarantees that Instagram or authorities can shut the Instagram account (or any other nogoodnik) down for good, so the best defense is a healthy dose of caution: always double-check an offer if it seems too be good to be true, no matter where it comes from.

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