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Harvest Moon embraces Minecraft in The Lost Valley for 3DS


Natsume has released a new trailer for its upcoming Nintendo 3DS farming sim Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley, showcasing a new direction for the series that takes inspiration from Mojang's breakout sandbox hit Minecraft.

While The Lost Valley retains the crop-harvesting and animal-tending gameplay of its predecessors, the latest series entry allows players to build and shape the world around them, raising surfaces block-by-block to form unique layouts. Players are also able to shape rivers, raise mountains, and build bridges between landmasses, further reinforcing the Minecraft link.

The Lost Valley is developed by a newly formed internal team within Natsume that replaces former series developer Marvelous, which is now working on the Harvest Moon spiritual successor game Story of Seasons with publisher Xseed. A release date for Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley has not been announced.

[Video: Natsume]

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