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TUAW TV Live: Networking hints and tips


The network -- it's what makes our Macs, our iPads, and even our iPhones so powerful. Whether it's your Wi-Fi network connected to a speedy cable modem, fiber to your home and a Gigabit Ethernet link to your Mac Pro, a slow and spotty cellular data connection, or using Bluetooth to "talk" to accessories in your vicinity, networking gives us the connectivity that truly powers our Apple devices.

Today on TUAW TV Live, co-host Mike Wehner and I will do a mental dump of all of the hints and tips about wireless and wired networking that we've accumulated over the years -- and trust me, those are a lot of years. We'd love for you to join us for an hour of mindless banter surrounding priceless nuggets of useful information, and you can even pop into the chat room to give us your thoughts.

To watch the show and take part in the chat, just scroll down a tiny bit, log into the chat room, and be sure to press the "play" button on the video window around 5 PM to watch the stream. If you don't have time to watch the complete show today, come back to this post later or first thing tomorrow when we'll have the recording available for your viewing pleasure.

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