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Video Games: The Movie finds publisher, release date


Following a controversial, yet undeniably successful crowdfunding campaign, Video Games: The Movie has been picked up for theatrical distribution in North America on July 18.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Variance Films will distribute the film to theaters, though its initial debut comes on July 15 via a digital, iTunes-exclusive release. The movie, which features narration from one-time Goonie Sean Astin, hopes to document the rise of the games industry from its pixelated roots to its current status as a modern media juggernaut to rival any other in existence.

"Everyone loves a great video game, but in recent years they've evolved into something way beyond what any of us who grew up playing an 8-bit system could imagine," Variance Films president Dylan Marchetti told The Hollywood Reporter. "But regardless of whether you're up gaming until 3 a.m. or haven't played a video game in decades, there's something for you in this film, and we think audiences will be delighted."
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