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Apple helps T-Mobile Test Drive program


T-Mobile is launching a new initiative to introduce shoppers to its network with help from Apple, in the form of a free iPhone 5s. Called "Test Drive," the promotion is targeted at customers of rival US carriers who are considering switching. After signing up, participants will receive a free, no-strings-attached iPhone 5s with unlimited data, text and calls from T-Mobile (as long as the phone is used within the US).

When the trial ends, users can keep the phone and sign up for a plan, or simply send it back and that's that. Back when I was a car salesman (true story), we called this "The Puppy Dog Close." Who doesn't want to keep a cute little puppy after bringing it home? Especially when that puppy is gold and features Touch ID.

Don't be late, however. Those who miss their drop-off date will be charged US$700.00, plus tax.

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