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Steam Summer Sale 2014: And so it begins...


And so it begins. Do not cry for your purses, worry not over your wallets, for this is what they've always wanted. Sweet, sweet relief is what the Steam summer sale of 2014 brings.

That said, Steam's annual sales have had their highs and lows in recent years - or at least varying degrees of low prices - so let's see just how good the deals are this time around. This year's summer sale is scheduled to end on June 30.

Highlights from the opening batch of discounts includes The Witcher 2 down 80 percent to $4, XCOM: Enemy Unknown cut by 83 percent to $8.49, the soon-to-be released PC port of Dead Rising 3 a quarter off at $37.49, and Hotline Miami down to just $1.49 in a flash sale. Be sure to check on the flash sales, as new ones are due to arrive every eight hours.
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