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Dead Rising to become straight-to-Crackle movie


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Legendary Digital Media plans to produce a feature-length film based on Capcom's Dead Rising series, Variety reported. The movie will stream via Sony's Crackle channel, an app available via many game consoles and devices.

Lorenzo di Bonaventura, producer of the Transformers films, will serve as Dead Rising's executive producer with Tomas Harlan of Contradiction Films, which previously created the Mortal Kombat: Legacy digital series. A director for the film has not been decided yet. Following the film's run on Crackle, it will be distributed internationally by Content Media via DVD, video on demand, subscription video on demand and TV.

Capcom's zombie-slashing Dead Rising series spans three primary games in addition to a Wii remake of the first game (Chop Till You Drop), reimagining of the second (Off the Record), mobile spin-off and a few separate downloadable titles in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero and Case West. The latest was Dead Rising 3, which launched with the Xbox One in November. The game will reach PC this September.
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