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Heroes of the Storm bringing in non-US players in next alpha

Eliot Lefebvre

While there's been a lot already said about the upcoming Heroes of the Storm, the fact remains that the game is still in alpha. A technical alpha, to be specific, emphasizing the nuts and bolts of functionality. But the next phase of testing will be bringing in more people, including testers from outside the USA, giving an even broader perspective on what's working and what isn't. A recent development blog on the official site explains what's happened so far as well as what's coming next for the game.

The short version is that the alpha is going well, but there's still more feedback needed to make the game truly the best it can be. As an early test version, it's still very much a game in development, with the emphasis being on what does or does not work from the technical side. Players who wish to opt in for a potential testing invite should do so via the account management page.

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