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Watch this rundown on the 'Pre-history of Online Video'


Hokay, so here we go: before the likes of Leroy Jenkins, that kid David who went to the dentist and Keyboard Cat blew up on YouTube, there wasn't exactly a centralized place to check out the latest videos your friends were talking about. Instead, those of types clips went viral via email and at places like eBaum's World, or, in the case of StrongBad Emails, on a sort of network all their own. In the clip below Hank Green, host of Crash Course and brother to The Fault in Our Stars author John Green, gives a quick rundown of what online video was like prior to YouTube. We highly suggest watching it; it's worth your time, we promise. And if you've been online for as long as we have, it's likely to bring back a few fond internet memories. Should the video not satiate your thirst for nostalgia, however, perhaps a Homestar Runner chaser (...or three, or four) will do the trick.

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