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Eliss Infinity coming to Android, soundtrack available this week

Steph Thirion's action puzzler, Eliss Infinty, is headed for Android devices this week thanks to a partnership with Finji Games. If you've purchased Infinity on iOS, there's still an update launching alongside the Android version that will tweak a few things. Steph described the update as one that adds "dozens of new features and improvements," but also offered a few Vine-supplemented examples of what players can expect, including Achievement-like gems, a score visualizer, and improvements to player feedback.

Anyone won over by Infinity's soundtrack is also in luck, as the EPs for Infinity and its 2009 predecessor, Eliss, will be made available this week. Steph did not mention where the EPs will be sold, but did remind us that we can watch Twitter for further updates.
[Image: Steph Thirion]

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