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The Crew dev blog talks Raid, Circuit, and Perf spec cars

Jef Reahard

Ubisoft's latest dev blog for open world racer The Crew is worth a read if you're partial to cars, MMO-style groups, and boss fights. It describes a takedown challenge mission called A Little Nudge that "wouldn't be out of place in a Driver game."

It also mentions the Raid spec, and that's not "raid" in the typical MMO sense of the word but "raid" as in a car class designed to "tear through the hills, valleys, and backroads" of Yosemite and survive plenty of "high-speed brutality."

In addition to Raid, Circuit, and Perf specs, The Crew also features 20 upgrade slots per car, which Ubisoft says will please gearheads and gamers alike.

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