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Around Azeroth: I know you're around here somewhere


"With the news that you can register for the cosplay part of Blizzcon, a couple members of Spectacular Death (A-Llane) present this costume for consideration," writes guild leader Gimmlette. "Minaithelan and I were working through Sunwell in preparation for an upcoming guild event. While in the demon area of Sunwell, one of the demons got off a fear and I found myself stuck in a cart. Stuck as in couldn't get out. We realize that Blizzard has rules about being able to see and the size of a costume, but we dare someone to, instead of creating an orc costume, show up as a box or a cart. (I think someone did come as the heart box from 'Love Is In the Air.') I wound up having to hearth to get out of the cart. My guild was sooooo sympathetic. 'Only you, Gimm, only you.'"

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