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Steam Summer Sale, day 5: Dark Souls, Rogue Legacy, Saints Row 4


Twas' the fifth day of the Steam Summer Sale, with deals in droves.
At just five dollars, prepare to die with Dark Souls.
Fan-favorite Rogue Legacy is slashed by 75 percent ($3.74),
You can play Arma 3 ($29.99) and keep half your rent.

Phosphor Games' Nether is down to just three bucks,
Yet it's Saints Row 4 to which we give all our [expletive] ($9.99).
Surgeon Simulator 2013's been cut ($2.49), call the doctor, it's an emergency,
Unless you'd sooner blast heads off with Insurgency ($6.74).
The Lego Movie video game is 75 percent off too ($7.49),
And at 60 percent off, FTL says it's still faster than you ($3.99).

These deals are good for two days.
[Image: Valve]

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