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UK government wants to end mobile deadspots with 'national roaming'

Matt Brian, @m4tt

Mobile operators might be doing more to put an end to signal blackspots in rural areas, but large parts of Britain's countryside remain underserved. BBC News reports that in a bid to change this, the government is thinking about forcing carriers to share their networks in these areas as part of a new "national roaming" initiative. As you may expect, networks are against the idea, arguing that it would offer less incentive to build more mobile towers and could result in extra costs being pushed to customers. Nevertheless, Culture Secretary Sajid Javid wants to implement a system where you'd switch to an alternative network if your carrier's is not available, just like when you travel abroad. Worryingly for providers, the government could pressure them into sharing their networks using existing legislation, meaning they might not have a say in it anyway.

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