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Bone Gulch is a Wild West online sandbox with a Kickstarter campaign

Jef Reahard

Four years ago I was deep in the throes of Red Dead Redemption's lovely, lusty Old West. I wondered why a sprawling, frontier-based MMO wasn't yet a thing, and sadly I'm still wondering.

Indie company Nesoi Tech apparently shares my affinity for the genre, judging by its new Bone Gulch Kickstarter project. It's a Unity-based sandbox game featuring "an advanced crafting system, a unique bounty system," and "extensive player customization," among other things.

Nesoi's press release also mentions single-player story-based campaigns "in addition to local and online multiplayer action," so we're not quite sure how MMO it is at this point. There's some pre-alpha video footage available, though, and we've embedded it for you after the cut.

[Source: Nesoi press release]

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