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Moto G with LTE and expandable storage is now available for £160


The Moto G is a fantastic smartphone for the price, but Motorola knew it could make the handset even better with just a few small tweaks. Thus, the Moto G with LTE and expandable storage (thanks to a microSD slot) was born, and today it's become available in the UK after launching in the US last week. Phones 4u has declared first dibs on the device, and is offering the phone free from £19 per month on contracts, for £150 on pay-as-you-go, or £160 unlocked -- the retailer is also claiming exclusivity on the new white model until the end of July. A number of other sites are expecting stock sometime this week, at which point we hope to see a repeat of the discounted pricing war that was fought over the Moto G shortly after launch. Hold off a week or two, and we imagine you'll be throwing £20-£30 less at your screen. Bargain.

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