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Steam Summer Sale, day 6: Brothers, Metro, Murdered


Have you had enough yet? No? Good.

The Steam Summer Sale rings in day six with Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons for $3, Murdered: Soul Suspect for $33.50, Metro: Last Light for $6.80, Call of Duty: Ghosts for $30, Splinter Cell: Blacklist for $7.50, Torchlight 2 for $5, Fallout: New Vegas for $6.80, Age of Wonders 3 for $20 and Blackguards for $13.60.

Current Flash Sales and Community Choice deals, live for another few hours, include Kentucky Route Zero for $12.50, The Blackwell Legacy for $0.50, Nidhogg for $5.10, Darksiders 2 for $6 and Shadow Warrior for $8.

Yesterday's deals are still on for another almost-day.
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