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Balloons could power space tourism by 2016


Richard Branson is investing in a plane that'll take tourists to the edge of space, but who needs that when you've got balloons? A company in Arizona is working on a high-altitude craft that'll use a huge balloon to gently carry passengers voyagers to the edges of the atmosphere. It's already tested the technology with a 10-percent size scale model, which carried and safely returned a payload of 200 kilos. The next step is to build a full-sized equivalent, capable of journeying 120,000 feet into the air and back again -- just short of the 127,852 feet that Felix Baumgartner fell during the Red Bull Stratos experiment / publicity stunt. Of course, anything that involves a trip to space (or as close as anyone can say) is going to be expensive, and it'll set you back $75,000 if you choose to get in line when commercial trips begin in 2016.

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