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Mila joins free-to-play DOA5U: Core Fighters roster


If the barebones introduction to Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate known as DOA5U: Core Fighters hasn't offered enough content for your tastes, you'll be pleased to learn that a new character has joined Tecmo Koei's free-to-play fighting game.

For a "limited time," those who download DOA5U: Core Fighters will receive pugilist Mila at no additional charge. One more character would not be an impressive addition to the expansive Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate cast, but the stripped down Core Fighters only offers four fighters by default, making this addition a sizable upgrade for a game that still features a $0 price tag. As usual, additional fighters can be purchased at $4 a piece, while adding a proper Story Mode will set you back $15.

According to the most recent PlayStation Blog update, the addition of Mila comes as a sign of gratitude to fans who have downloaded DOA5U: Core Fighters over 1.3 million times. There's no word on when Tecmo Koei will end this free offer, so those tempted by the addition of Mila's MMA combat style should find the nearest PlayStation 3 and download the game tout de suite.
[Image: Tecmo Koei]

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