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Apple adds "Best new Game Updates" section to the App Store


As part of Apple's ongoing quest to make apps more discoverable, the App Store has been updated with a new section called "Best New Game Updates."

As the name implies, the section -- which currently houses just 19 titles -- lays out games which have recently seen noteworthy updates. The Salt & Pepper app featured above, for example, was updated earlier this week with 72 new levels.

Previously, significant game updates were included under the "Best New Games" category, a somewhat convoluted approach which resulted in familiar games being listed next to newly released titles.

While the new Updates section won't make perusing through the App Store's 1.2 million titles appreciably easier on the whole, it still represents a nice and continued move in the right direction. In early May, Apple introduced a curated section on the App Store highlighting all of the best new app releases from the previous month. And since we're on the topic, here's what you might have missed on the App Store in May.

via Apple Insider

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