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Blizzard's Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas targeted for July


Hearthstone players have been climbing the walls and experimenting with Warrior decks (ew, gross!), waiting for the launch of the Curse of Naxxramas expansion, which will hopefully occur sometime next month.

"Just wanted to give everyone a head's up that we are currently targeting to release Curse of Naxxramas during the month of July," a Blizzard community manager recently mentioned on "Unfortunately, we still have a lot of implementing and bug fixing to get through, so please stay tuned!"

It was also mentioned Blizzard plans to reveal pricing details for the expansion next week. Curse of Naxxramas is a single-player expansion to Blizzard's collectible card game launching simultaneously on PC, Mac and iPad, which will also feature new cards with a focus on Deathrattle abilities.

And stop trying to make a Warrior deck work. It's just sad to watch.

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