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How Hello Games went from dirt bikes to No Man's Sky


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No Man's Sky comes from Hello Games – the same studio responsible for Joe Danger. Yes, that Joe Danger. Not that Joe Danger is a bad series, but the immense jump in graphics and scale for No Man's Sky still surprises us. We noted as much when Hello Games co-founder Sean Murray took the stage during the PlayStation E3 conference this year.

In a PS4-specific video (below), Murray runs through the history of Hello Games, including the studio's roots in sci-fi, a flood that destroyed the office, and that recent E3 presentation. Murray notes that No Man's Sky was always the goal for Hello Games, though at first it was called "Project Skyscraper."

"We always knew the type of game we wanted to make, and we'd known it before we even started at Hello Games, and we had talked about it at that point," Murray says. "And we knew that Joe Danger was going to be a stepping stone toward that."

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