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For $10,000, here's a mechanical watch you'll never have to set


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Mechanical watches are beautiful, but there's always the hassle of setting it to the correct time when you travel abroad. What price, then, would you pay to never make that sort of effort again? If you answered "about ten grand," then you're the ideal customer for VCXO's Ox One. The Swiss company has paired up a mechanical movement with a GPS module, so all you need to do is push the -- sigh -- "magic button," and it'll wind the time according to the local satellite. The Stainless Steel version of the watch will set you back $10,000, while the black ceramic is priced at $12,000, but if you're really looking to splash out, there's a limited-edition version that'll set you back nearly $45,000. Of course, if you're that obsessed with accuracy and efficiency, perhaps you're better off just, you know, going digital?

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