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Watch Dogs multiplayer tuned to keep you playing


The Watch Dogs development team has made a few alterations to the multiplayer component of the open-world hacking adventure which should encourage players to see hacking sessions through to the end.

"From now on, the victim of a hacking invasion will never lose Notoriety, even if they fail to find the hacker," wrote an Ubisoft representative on the game's forums. "In addition, players losing a ctOS Mobile Challenge will never lose Notoriety. As long as they have passed a few checkpoints, they will gain Notoriety, even if they lose the match."

Prior to these changes, it was common to see players disconnect to avoid the Notoriety hit as soon as they began to fall behind their online opponents. Granted, these alterations won't stop players from disconnecting if they suddenly get bored and decide to visit the local Taco Bell, but they do offer more incentive to keep playing, and fewer viable reasons to quit once a session has begun.
[Image: Ubisoft]

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