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Stealth Inc 2 to slink in October's shadow with returning level editor

When Curve Studios told us about Stealth Inc. 2, its Wii U-exclusive return to a series that never reached Nintendo platforms with its debut title, 2014 was the targeted release window. A month later, during a meeting with Nintendo Life, Stealth Inc. creator and Curve Studios CEO Jonathan Biddle has considerably narrowed the studio's target to the month of October.

Nintendo Life also learned that, like its predecessor, Stealth Inc. 2 will allow subjects to create and share custom deathtraps with its community. Just because Stealth Inc. 2 will trap its player base in a labyrinth of hazardous rooms doesn't mean its subjects won't have anyone to talk to, though – Miiverse posts will be displayed on the walls of other players' main campaigns, allowing for bonding over difficult stages or an exchange of tips to keep fellow subjects alive. Of course, there's the potential for purposely sharing bad advice to get another player killed, but who would even do that? Other than Dark Souls players, anyway.
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