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Doom's Dungeons and Dragons pedigree dissected

S. Prell, @SamPrell

The latest episode of YouTube series Did You Know Gaming explores Doom, and it's got more than a few tasty tidbits of info on the world's most famous demons-in-space shooter.

For example, while 1993's Doom is widely-cited as having helped usher in the first-person shooter genre, we're somewhat surprised it didn't result in a new generation of kids rolling 20-sided dice, considering how many of the game's roots trace back to Dungeons and Dragons. The series' famous demons? DnD. The floating Cacodemon? DnD twice, as its general design is similar to a Beholder, while its sprite was taken from an Astral Dreadnought.

Doomguy rolls for an attack against the Cyberdemon with his shotgun. Critical Hit!
[Image: DYK Gaming]

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