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Dreamfall Chapters is episodic, Book One due in November

By the time Red Thread Games launched its Kickstarter for Dreamfall Chapters in February, the studio had ditched its initial idea of developing an episodic adventure. Intentions aren't written in stone however, and an update from this week explains that Chapters will be episodic in its delivery after all. The switchback is meant to accommodate Red Thread's full vision for the game while still having something to offer fans in November, the launch date Red Thread had projected in its Kickstarter campaign. While the full adventure won't be ready at that time, Red Thread expects Book One, Chapters' equivalent of an episode, will be.

Aside from an episodic release schedule allowing Red Thread to do a more thorough application of polish, the team also hopes to "start generating income" with Book One, which will "go right back into improving the quality and scope of subsequent books." Backers will still receive all episodes and rewards related to their pledge level, but a season pass will also be offered to newcomers on Steam, Good Old Games and the Humble Store.

We recall a similar situation with Double Fine's Broken Age, which was split in half in order to use revenue from season passes to finish development of its second chapter. Given that Double Fine's plan totally worked though, we can see why Red Thread Games would try the same strategy.
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