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Duo of trailers showcase Tales of Xillia 2's protagonists

Could you say no to chaperoning a little girl's journey to the wish-granting Land of Canaan, even if it helped her reunite with her father? Well so could we, but Tales of Xillia 2 protagonist Ludger Kersnik didn't, so you'll have to play the role of makeshift parental unit if you're interested in the Tales series' next step. Since your hands are effectively tied, you might as well get to know Ludger a bit with the above trailer, which offers a glimpse of his relationship with his brother Julius, as well as flashes of Xillia 2's combat. Ludger hopes to become an agent of the Spirius Corporation like Julias, but that whole "agreeing to protect Elle Marta on an epic journey" thing kind of stalls those plans.

While a wish-granting land sounds appealing enough on its own, Elle is making the trip because her father told her to meet him there. The pair was split up after a mysterious band of villains attacked them during an evening storm, and while Ludger plays a central role in her adventure, the related press release assures Elle will cross paths with others of a "certain importance" during her travels.

You can get a sense of Elle's personality in another trailer after the break, or you can read up on Xillia 2's Collector's Edition if either trailer's ending bonuses have caught your eye.

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