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Fairy Fencer F reaching Europe, limited edition up for pre-order

Grudges between godly powers are no new thing, but ​Fairy Fencer F's divine powers of yesteryear were particularly careless in their battles – both the Goddess and Vile God formed weapons from their own energy to fight with, eventually sealing each other away and leaving their war toys strewn across the world for others to find. We already knew that North America would be showered with weapon-shaped debris on September 23, but Fairy Fencer F's official site lists a September 26 date of impact for Europe as well.

If you're excited enough to drop $75 on Fairy Fencer F's Limited Edition, you can also go ahead and pre-order that from NIS America's online store right now, though Europeans should note that a dedicated storefront for their region will open on July 1. The bundle includes the PS3 RPG, a hardcover art book, a soundtrack and a 7" +1 Beanie of Dedication.
[Image: NIS America]

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