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Google to pull QuickOffice from App Store


Have you been using QuickOffice to edit those Google Docs and Sheets on your iOS device? Put on your sad face -- Google has announced that it will remove the QuickOffice app from the App Store in the next few weeks.

The app is being pulled because it the very functionality it provided has been integrated into the Google Drive apps (Docs and Sheets) -- the ability to work directly with Microsoft Office files without converting them first. If you use and like QuickOffice you can still continue to use it, but new users will be unable to install the app and no new features will be added.

iOS users also have the option of using Apple's very own iWork suite, made up of Pages, Keynote, and Numbers, to edit, store, and share documents, presentations, and slide shows. Microsoft's Office for iPad -- Excel, Word, and PowerPoint -- offers excellent compatibility with the desktop versions of these popular apps, but requires an annual subscription.

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