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Google Voice plans to make transcriptions better with your help


What's the silliest Google Voice transcription you've gotten? That question might have come up during a meet-up with tech-loving friends before -- after all, you're not the only user who's ever received garbled voicemail-to-text messages. In fact, even Google Tech Lead Manager Alex Wiesen admits they can be "unintentionally hilarious," to the point that the company's now asking for your help to make transcriptions better. Now, when you log into Google Voice on the web, you'll be given the choice to share your voicemail messages (anonymously, thank goodness) to be analyzed for accuracy by automated systems. While you can already submit individual messages for analysis, you'll automatically be sending the system all your messages, all the time, if you decide to participate in this project. Don't worry, though: you can always disable it through Google Voice's settings page in case you change your mind later on.

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