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Have faith Natural Doctrine will be out this September


Tactical RPG Natural Doctrine arrives in North America on September 16, before coming to Europe three days later on September 19. Kadokawa's PS4, PS3 and Vita game is now up for pre-order on the NIS America store, with the publisher's traditional array of limited edition extras available for each platform.

Regular copies of the game are $60, $50 and $40 on PS4, PS3 and Vita respectively, with limited editions upping that by $20 on each platform. For that, your bonuses include an art book, poster and - oh - an "explorer's bag." A Vita tactics-RPG and a backpack is all you really need for a half-decent ramble, right? Perhaps some food and water too, at a stretch.

As for Natural Doctrine itself, NIS America promises challenging turn-based combat across multiple characters in battle, while players can cross-play and cross-save across all three systems. Meanwhile, the story focuses on a group of explorers - ah, that explains the bag - who head underground to mine a rare resource. Things take a turn for the worse when they run into monsters, but luckily they have fantastic shampoo advert hair on their side.

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