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High school students raise thousands of dollars repairing, selling old MacBooks


One of the best things about owning Macs is that they hold resale value far longer than many of their competitors. Students at South Portland High School took advantage of that fact, repairing the district's lot of broken MacBooks and raising thousands of dollars in the process.

After converting to Apple's iPads for student use, the school district had hundreds of old MacBooks, which it had purchased from the state, left over. Of the roughly 750 machines that had been replaced, all but 400 were repurposed for other school use, while the remaining machines were too broken or beat up to be handed out in their current state. But rather than simply trash them, the school's 20-student computer repair team began tearing them apart to create new units.

Snagging the working parts from the various machines, the students pieces together roughly 200 fully functional MacBooks that it has been reselling for anywhere between US$175 to $450. All told, the team will double its original $6,500 investment through its resale efforts. I think I see some future entrepreneurs on the way.

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