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A piece about a smart pelvic floor exerciser, written by someone totally out of their depth


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The quantified self movement is all about strapping gadgets to our bodies to tell us that we don't get enough exercise. The trend may have neglected certain parts of the body, which is something that adult toy manufacturer Minna Life wants to fix. At least, that's the idea behind the -- wait for it -- kGoal pelvic floor trainer. The hardware tells users how strong their pelvic floor muscles are, offering real-time feedback on strength as well as enabling people to track their performance.

Consisting of a squeezable, air-filled pillow and wireless dongle, the kGoal pairs with your smartphone to give you a strength rating and show you how you can improve, and the company is even working on games to try and make the experience more, erm, entertaining. Bedroom matters aside, the pelvic floor also contributes to a healthy bladder, and women frequently struggle to maintain it, according to UCSF Medical Center Professor Liz Miracle. Her patients frequently say that they've been unable to keep up their exercises, since there's a lack of feedback to let them know how well they're doing. The kGoal is designed to remedy that, as well as improving performance in more intimate scenarios. Obviously, the product is on Kickstarter, and $99 will you get an early-bird discount, while the Johnny-come-latelys will be asked to spend $125.

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