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New iPhone ad touts parenting features of iPhone


Apple on Sunday rolled out a new commercial for the iPhone 5s entitled "Parenthood." There's no Steve Martin cameo but it does feature several heartwarming family interactions while showcasing a few kid-oriented iOS apps.

The commercial concludes with Apple's recent tagline -- "You're more powerful than you think." Apple began using the tagline in April with the ad "Powerful." The catchy tune playing in "Parenthood" is "Life of Dreams" as performed by singer-songwriter Julie Doron.

WIth respect to the commercial's tagline, you might recall a story we ran last month highlighting a lawsuit filed by a New York City street artist which alleges that Apple stole the "You're more powerful than you think" slogan from him. The artist, one James De La Vega, sent a cease-and-desist letter to Apple. As suggested by the video above, Apple doesn't seem too concerned.

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