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Record speedrun trumps Super Mario Bros. in under 5 minutes


Speedrunner "Blubbler" has set a new world record completion time for Nintendo's 1985 platformer Super Mario Bros, beating the previous best recorded time by less than a second.

The world record run, seen above, shows Mario speeding through a handful of levels before warping to the final world and toppling Bowser with few pauses in between. Blubbler's final time is four minutes and 57.69 seconds, beating the previous record of four minutes and 58.09 seconds

While Blubbler used an emulator rather than original NES hardware to achieve the record, no cheats were used during this playthrough. If some of Blubbler's methods left you scratching your head (the vine trick at the two-minute mark and the frame-perfect wall jump at 4:30, in particular), note that all of the tricks used in this world record run are quirks present in the original unmodified game.

[Video: Blubber / Nintendo]

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