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Rumor Roundup: 'Next week'


New, cheaper, iPod touch model rumored to launch next week (9to5 Mac)

I'm only reposting this one from last time because all the rumor blogs were so convinced this iPod touch model would launch "next week" when it in fact launched within 24 hours of this rumor breaking. The only surprise here is none of the rumormongers were egotistical enough to take advantage of the situation and claim the new iPod touch launched early because of the leak.

The single stupidest Apple prediction we've read all year (BGR)

The stupid Apple prediction in question: "Apple will buy Disney." When even BGR calls your prediction stupid, you've definitely swung for the fences in the game of stupid Apple rumors.

HUGE IPHONE 6 LEAK: Actual iPhone 6 housing revealed on video for the first time! (BGR)

I'm sure there's some proof this was an "actual iPhone 6 housing" and not just yet another mockup, and the original source for this article simply forgot to include that proof.

EXCLUSIVE: Apple to release iOS 8 beta 3 on July 8th (BGR)

Unlike most of the rumors it publishes, BGR's EXCLUSIVE BREAKING LEAKS about iOS beta release dates have been correct in the past.

Apple said to be working on 'mainstream' Smart Home hardware (9to5 Mac)

I am convinced that if Smart Home hardware never debuts, it will be because of this leak.

For Apple fans dreaming of sapphire iPhones, Liquidmetal could be a cautionary tale (AppleInsider)

This well-researched article is exactly the kind of thing that's normally missing from reporting on Apple. It makes a very good case against the "iPhone 6 will have a sapphire crystal screen" meme.

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