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Albion Online puts an interesting twist on fast travel

Shawn Schuster

Curious about getting around in Albion Online? After last week's dev blog on mounts, the team expanded on world travel with this week's blog all about fast travel.

The sandbox MMO has implemented fast travel based on user feedback, but the feature has some interesting limitations. For one, fast travel can only happen over water. It is also limited to safe cities and hubs, and costs a fair bit of money. As a bit of an RP element, fast travel is done like ship travel, so the cost will go up according to the weight you're carrying. This makes sure that players won't use fast travel at all times, and may take into consideration whether travel by foot or horseback might be the better choice in particular situations.

You can sign up for Albion Online's alpha testing at the official site.

[Thanks for the tip, Dengar!]

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