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Double Fine's publishing program moves a Mountain to PC, iOS


The next game to launch courtesy of Double Fine's publishing program is Mountain, an artistic simulation game that's now available on PC, Mac, Linux via the game's site and iOS for $1.

Developed by filmmaker David O'Reilly, Mountain has players answer three "questions" in the form of single words with drawings, then the game generates a mountain with the drawings on it. The mountain changes as the omniscient players tap out music on their keyboards, watching weather cycles pass and, as the developer puts it, seeing nature "expressing itself."

Double Fine began its publishing initiative with Escape Goat 2 in March, providing "promotional assistance and distribution" for the game. It then assisted developer Sam Farmer with sci-fi noir adventure game Last Life in April, which earned $103,058 on Kickstarter in the next month. We had an opportunity to check out Mountain at the Horizon conference at E3 along with other games like Metamorphabet, Gnah and Night in the Woods.
[Image: David O'Reilly]

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