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The Witcher: Battle Arena MOBA due out Q4 2014

Jef Reahard

CD Projekt Red's first foray into multiplayer Witcher territory isn't an MMORPG but rather a MOBA. Not only is The Witcher: Battle Arena a MOBA, but it's a mobile MOBA that's due for Android, iOS, and Windows tablets and phones sometime during Q4 2014.

"There will be a monster-hunting mode, kind of an isometric multiplayer [in the future]," explains project manager Tadek Zielinski. "There will be a boss mode, where you will be able to fight the bosses -- that will be purely a (player verses enemy) experience. And we are thinking of other competitive modes. We have a classic one-lane MOBA experience with towers, but we have a different approach because we don't want to have minions, we don't want to have farming."

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