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Oculus starts shipping latest Rift VR headset prototype this month


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Were you one of the over 45,000 to pre-order the latest prototype VR headset from Oculus? Well, if so you could be seeing the $350 Rift Dev Kit 2 rather soon. The company recently announced that the first round of new hardware has left the production facility and should be hitting your doorstep the week of July 14th this year. The thing is, this initial run will only cover some 10,000 orders and there's a "high chance" that the remaining 35,000+ units won't ship until August. However, Luckey and co. promise that they're working to ramp up production for the remaining orders -- something that influx of Facebook cash likely makes easier. As TechCrunch points out, Oculus had 12,500 pre-orders within the first 36 hours of the DK2 going up for sale. Meaning, that unless you were an incredibly early bird, it'll be a bit longer before you can zoom around EVE: Valkyrie in your own living room, sans pants.

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