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November is where the Tales of Hearts R is for Europeans


Namco Bandai pumped out a Tales of Hearts R release date for Europe and Australasia this morning, confirming the JRPG is coming to the regions on November 14. There's no word on North America yet, but we'd expect the Vita remake stateside around the same time.

The original DS game never made it out of Japan, but 7th Chord's remake brings the series' frenetic real-time combat to Western Vitas for the first time. As Siliconera reports, the remake introduces a fairly beefy array of additions, including full 3D graphics, new anime cut scenes, full voice acting across the main story,

The localized version offers Japanese audio with subtitles, while Gematsu reports it'll be a GameStop exclusive in North America, though it'll also be available via PSN.

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Coming up with EFIGS subtitles and Japanese Voice-Over, the upcoming Tales of Hearts R will reveal its depth on November 14th, 2014.
Here what Hideo Baba has to say about this good news to his dearest fans:

"I am very happy to announce Tales of Hearts R's release date at the biggest Japanese culture event in the West! It is very fitting to do so, as it contains the original Japanese voice overs! I have enjoyed a lot traveling around Europe to promote the Tales of Series in many countries, and it is my pleasure to come back to Japan Expo and celebrate Tales of with the fans. I hope the fans keep enjoying our efforts to constantly translate the game in many languages, and have fun discovering the journey of Kor Meteor, Kohaku Hearts, and all of their friends in Tales of Hearts R. Let's get excited for the future of Tales of together!"

As a reminder; Tales of Hearts R follows the story of Kor Meteor, a brave young man living in a small village by the sea, as he sharpens his fighting skills under the watchful eye of his grandfather. Impressed with Kor's growing skill, his grandfather bequeaths to him a special type of weapon known as a Soma. Soma users must possess exceptionally strong Spiria, the source of all life from which the human mind and will are derived.

Tales of Hearts R is scheduled for release in Europe and Australasia on the PlayStation®Vita on November 14th, 2014. For more information regarding Tales of Hearts R and the TALES OF franchise please visit,,, and


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