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Microsoft court order shutters Chess 2 servers


Ouya chess variant Chess 2 currently lacks its key asynchronous multiplayer component as a result of a Microsoft-issued court order levied against the game's DNS management service.

Chess 2's DNS service No-IP issued a statement regarding the takedown, noting that Microsoft seized 22 of its domains after finding evidence of malware creators distributing harmful software from its subdomains.

"We have been in contact with Microsoft today," No-IP reports. "They claim that their intent is to only filter out the known bad hostnames in each seized domain, while continuing to allow the good hostnames to resolve. However, this is not happening. Apparently, the Microsoft infrastructure is not able to handle the billions of queries from our customers. Millions of innocent users are experiencing outages to their services because of Microsoft's attempt to remediate hostnames associated with a few bad actors."

Microsoft's cybercrime division routinely works with law enforcement agencies worldwide in targeting and deactivating online threats like botnet-driven Internet attacks.

"We have been throwing everything we have at getting you back online with the least possible delay," No-IP's CEO Dan Durrer adds. "For legal reasons, we have been restricted from reaching out to you, but we simply cannot stay quiet any longer. We are very close to a resolution and we will update you with more information as soon as we can."

Chess 2 launched for the Ouya in January, and is scheduled for an upcoming release on the iPad and PC platforms via Steam.

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