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Spotify updates with new iPhone controls in time for summer BBQs


Spotify has been unleashing a slew of new updates this week. A few days ago they introduced a new redesign and the ability to search for downloaded music when users are offline. Now they've improved the way the iPhone and your computer interact with yet another update.

Today's upgrade allows iOS users to view their Spotify play queue on their iPhone. Simply tap the queue icon on the top right corner of the Now Playing screen to bring up your queue. From the queue view, you can move play order of a song or simply skip ahead to the track you really want to hear.

In addition, when you're adding tracks to a playlist on your iPhone the app will now let you know when you've added the same song twice. If you're absent-mindedly scrolling through the app building a large playlist, this nice reminder will help you avoid duplicates, though it might make it harder to build an entire playlist of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up."

Finally, today's update introduces sorting and filtering to the Your Music tab. Users can now sort their personal music by songs that are available offline only, name, or recently added tracks. Hopefully more filtering options will become available in the future, but this is a start.

You can download the latest update for Spotify for free on the iTunes Store right now. If you hook your computer up to your stereo during your summer BBQs, give the app an update before the 4th of July festivities.

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