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Dota 2 embraces newcomers with International broadcast

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Dota 2's world championship tournament, AKA: The International, will feature a "Newcomer's Broadcast" this year to help those unfamiliar with the game's extensive jargon acronyms keep up with the action.

"New to Dota? Or maybe you play Dota but have never gotten interested in the professional side of the game," an overview page for The International reads. "Welcome to the Newcomer's Broadcast, an English stream happening alongside the main stream, featuring commentary aimed at easing people into understanding the exciting world of BKBs, tri-lanes, and counter-picks." In other words, if you just scratched your head at those last three concepts, the Newcomer Broadcast sounds like the place to be.

For those who couldn't snatch tickets in time to attend The International 2014 in-person at the Seattle Key Arena on July 18 - 21 but don't need the difference between "bot" and "BoT" explained, Valve is also introducing DVR broadcasts and a multicast feature that recaps the tournament's highlights this year.
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