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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup celebrates freedom every day

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Happy Sixth of July, everyone! What's the occasion, you ask? I don't need an occasion, because I've got freedom. Why, just this morning I ate grilled steak and eggs, and I wasn't even grilling for a family get-together. Mmm, delicious.

How did/do you celebrate freedom, though? Did you manage to keep all your fingers despite igniting dangerous powders and other flammable materials? Did you stuff your face with seared animal flesh? Or maybe you joined us for our independence-themed jubilee ... of freedom? Let us know how your Fourth of July went in the comments, after you check out and vote (one of things you can do because of freedom) on this week's selection of webcomics.

Woo! 'Murica!

Penny Arcade (The Next Generation)
Hejibits (Heads Up)
ReadySoup (A League of Their Own)
Ctrl+Alt+Del (Time's Up)
Gamercat (Watch_Cats)
Brawl in the Family (Mario Maker)


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