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Report: Classically-animated Cuphead roughly '40 percent done'


Brothers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer, the developers better known as Studio MDHR, are making gradual progress on Cuphead, a run and gun shooter that borrows its novel aesthetic from the era of early Disney cartoons and the works of Fleischer Studios.

According to an upcoming Killscreen feature, the duo have completed "about 40 [percent]" of the game's art, and gameplay development is lagging just behind that. Though Kill Screen warns players that the game began development in 2010 and could be in the works for a long while to come, a tweet from Studio MDHR points out that proper development actually began in 2013, which bodes well for the game's late 2014 debut.

Though Cuphead is still far from complete, the Moldenhauer brothers are already plotting ways to bolster the action game. One idea involves expansion packs that alter the weapons and gameplay concepts found in the initial release to offer a wholly new gameplay experience, though the developers admit that any potential expansions for Cuphead will be a very long way.
[Image: Studio MDHR]

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