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Stiq Figures, June 23 - 29: Never want to leave this world edition

Welcome to Stiq Figures, where the sales data is after the break and the posts don't matter.

Crafting enticing fantasy content is tough. Plenty of games struggle just with developing an enjoyable protagonist, let alone an entertaining cast and an involving reason to see the journey's end. All of that imagination ultimately constructs a game's universe, an accumulative representation of a team's efforts, and when you consider everything that could detract that accumulative representation of a team's efforts, it's amplifies the impressiveness of the feat that is compelling players to care.

Of course, a game's focus can be highlighted by different versions of excellence – Fez's mystery-riddled labyrinth feels barren in comparison to large-scale creations like The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, but both instill a hunger for adventure in their own ways. It doesn't always have to be about exploring every minute detail either – Limbo's silhouettes didn't have or need chapters of lore to explore. They just needed pointy edges to run away from.

Whichever world this subject reminded you of, the important part is that you love spending time in it. Something about the environments, characters or just some seemingly-inane attribute makes returning for an hour or two effortless. Tell us about the captivating game worlds that have made returning to the real one difficult, right after you check this week's Japanese hardware sales after the break!

3DS LL: 22,803 [UP] 1,344
Vita: 22,192 [UP] 10,255
Wii U: 10,653 [DOWN] 62
PS4: 8,059 [UP] 1,050
PS3: 7,480 [UP] 1,141
3DS: 5,081 [UP] 229
Vita TV: 2,727 [UP] 1,283
PSP: 1,445 [DOWN] 890
Xbox 360: 201 [DOWN] 13
[Image: From Software]

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