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Battlefield 4 grows Dragon's Teeth on July 15


Following recent rumors, we can now confirm that the Battlefield 4 DLC dubbed "Dragon's Teeth" will arrive on July 15.

According to EA's official confirmation notice, Dragon's Teeth will offer players five new weapons, a new gadget dubbed the "Ballistic Shield," and something called the "R.A.W.R." that the publisher describes as a "a remote controlled ground vehicle armed to the teeth." Additionally, Dragon's Teeth adds the new Chain Link gametype, a modification of the series-mainstay Conquest which asks players to link capture points to win. Most crucially, Dragon's Teeth introduces four new maps that invite players to shoot one another amidst the concrete splendor of urban Chinese life.

Keep in mind, that July 15 release date is only valid for members of the Battlefield 4 Premium service. Those who haven't spent the cash to purchase all of the game's DLC and a handful of exclusive bonuses will need to wait until July 29 to explore Dragon's Teeth. Like past DLC offerings, Dragon's Teeth will bear a $15 price tag.
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Battlefield 4 Dragon's Teeth Coming July 15th
to All Battlefield 4 Premium Members

Get ready to take the battle to Asian Pacific's dense, urban landscape with Battlefield 4 Dragon's Teeth, the fourth expansion pack to Battlefield 4. Coming July 15th to Battlefield 4 Premium members, Dragon's Teeth drops players into four all-new maps that introduce unique environments and gameplay ranging from the bustling alleyways of Pearl Market to the floating restaurant in the middle of a lake in Sunken Dragon.

Dragon's Teeth sees five new weapons making their Battlefield debut in addition to a new unlockable gadget, the Ballistic shield. Dragon's Teeth also introduces a new game mode, Chain Link, a twist on the fan-favorite Conquest mode that sees squads battle to link capture points in order to achieve victory. Fans will also get ten new assignments with unique unlocks and a new Battle pickup in the R.A.W.R., a remote controlled ground vehicle armed to the teeth.

All this plus four new maps including:

· Lumphini Garden: Cruise with fast-moving PWC's on the canals in the pristine park to get the upper hand.
· Pearl Market: Wage wars within the bustling alleyways and upon the rooftops of the marketplace.
· Propaganda: Fight among massive despotic monuments in the grey concrete battleground.
· Sunken Dragon: Battle between modern high rises as you wreak havoc in a floating restaurant or drain the lake opening up for a frontal vehicle assault.

Get a head start playing Battlefield 4 Dragon's Teeth early by becoming a Battlefield 4 Premium member. Battlefield 4 Dragon's Teeth will be available to all non-Premium members starting on July 29th.

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